Retro rucksack goodness tweaks memories

We had one of our favourite customers in the other day, just finishing off his shopping list for Kilimanjiro. He walked in with the bag below, which stirred all kinds of memories of my first rucksack (a Karrimor in case you hadn’t guessed!)

Retro karrimor goodness!

It also brought back memories of the old rucksacks they used to keep in their London store, from all the first expeditions to places they have supported over the years. I hope when Karrimor was sold, somebody has kept them safe and sound somewhere. It has made me nostalgic for the days when you could pretty much recommend any Karrimor rucksack, and it would be a good ‘un. If anyone else can remember what your favourite / first rucksack you ever had was, please post up in the comments below! All I can remember is that mine was 55 Litres, a lovely red, and my back will not forget carrying it – that’s for sure….


I was going to write a quick rundown of my recent trip to Dartmoor, but it looks like the chaps I went with over at the Vale Mountaineering club, Sean beat me to it! We had a great weekend, although, I have discovered my Berghaus pro mid rushes are not quite as waterproof as I was hoping after an extended bog hopping marathon taking in Brat Tor, Great Links Tor, Green Tor, Kitty Tor, Corn Ridge, Sourton Tors, Coombe Down and Great Nodden.

Even more of a shame is the fact that it looks like having sprained my ankle, I won’t be going to Snowdonia now on Bank Holiday weekend. I was hoping it would get better but I need to be realistic when my foot looks like this…..

A rather sprained ankle

A rather sprained ankle

I’ve knackered my ankle before, but never as badly as this, so I’m off to buy a wobble board and make sure I never lose a hill day again.