Drama in the garden

Just come home and spotted a baby blackbird lost and alone in the garden. I looked like it had fallen out of a nest and its parents were flying around, quite distressed, and looking for it. Poor little thing, it looked in shock. I’ve taken advice from the RSPB and tucked it by the hedge near to where I think it’s nest is. The parents have quietened down but I’m not too hopeful.

A good few years ago at our house in Forest Hill we had a nest of robins perched in the ivy outside a window. We watched the chicks for weeks until one day a cat spotted them. One chick was turfed out and we put it back but over the course of that night the cat worked it’s way through the whole nest and next morning it was empty.  It might not be lions picking off antelope on the plains, but nature can still be cruel even if its just in the garden.

Clearing out the crud

We’re well on our way to clearing out the house prior to our move hopefully in a months time. Boxes of books made their way to the charity shops in Gill high street, and multiple engagements with the lovely old volunteers have left me pondering a change of hair cut to a blue rinse

To aid the cleansing process, we have engaged the E bay button to flog the rest of our useless priceless posessions. Who would have thought a broken 4th Generation iPod would actually get bids? I’m beginning to regret throwing out the Sony E800 with broken screen and missing battery. I also phoned my mum up to have a go at her for getting rid of my Action man when I was 10 that had a leaky battery as I reckon I could have sold that too. Pfff

Anyway, enough warbling, if you want an air-conditioner, broken 4th gen iPod, climbing shoes or maternity clothes etc, head here to snap up a piece of jonesnow history. It’s not like we are trying to sell a dead fairy or anything….

Young me/now me

Oh my, this site is very simple and quite entrancing, sometimes funny, sometimes a bit more thoughtful. Young me/now me has people recreating childhood photos and showing the two images next to each other.


Macaroons, originally uploaded by family jonesnow.

I’m rather chuffed with my first effort at macaroons. More to come I think.

Facebook #EpicFail

Facebook for me has long been a bête noire, a place where people you had lost contact with years ago deliberately stalk you and “poke” you, with pokey things or … ermm…something. Anyway, my theory has always been that if I wanted to be in contact with someone, I’d call them rather than than log on to Facebook to find out what they have had for breakfast. Work has reared it’s ugly head however, and I need to be on it . Facebook though has other ideas, and has obviously been totting up all the occasions I have been less than complementary about it, and has decided not to let me in.

To start with, none of my confirmation mails came through to my jonesnow address so I couldn’t confirm my address. I added my gmail address at which point we start the loop login of death. I login, facebook asks me to confirm my address with the code it sent me, I enter it and I get the beautiful message “There was an error processing your request.” Mails to their non-existent help centre and customer service bounce in to the ether, and I am left with a tantilising glimpse of facebook activity through the notifications / messages /friend requests without actualy being able to do anything. I can’t delete my account and start again as I need to be confirmed to do that so I inhabit this shadowy ghost world where I get a small glimpse of the promised land.

The whole things has left me both relieved and disappointed. In some respects I was looking forward to seeing what all the fuss was about, but in other ways, maybe I was right and fate is taking a hand in protecting my privacy. I’ll keep mailing their non-existent customer services (there is a story there in itself) and carry on facebookless in to my e future.

To lash me with the irony stick, please use the facebook link below to share this story……

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